Acquiring Services

for: i. e-Shops ii. Cruise Ships

U-Pay Payment Solutions, in association with the highly experienced acquirer eCOMM Merchant Solutions, is able to provide e-commerce merchants with a complete acquiring service package. eCOMM Merchant Solutions is a one stop payment gateway and acquirer for merchants who want e-commerce and MOTO capability for Visa & MasterCard. eCOMM Merchant Solutions is an approved Agent of Prepaid Financial Services who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

MasterCard and VISA Processing

Every e-commerce merchant can easily accept MasterCard Credit and Debit (including Maestro) and Visa Credit and Debit cards which are the wider payment systems worldwide.

Transaction Acceptance & Settlement

The settlement process, which is provided to e-commerce merchants, is automated from beginning to end (end to end transaction acceptance, authorisation, management, approval and settlement), merchant can log in and check the status of all settlement in real time.

Merchant Accounts and e-Wallet Solutions

We provide an e-wallet account for each merchant reflecting their current balance. Merchants are funded weekly as part of the settlement process.

Reporting System

Through the complete and specialized reporting system of eCOMM Merchant Solutions, including rich reporting and analytics tools, e-commerce merchants can be benefited from the real-time business information.

Internal Payment Gateway Solution

U-Pay Payments Solutions via eCOMM Merchant Solutions can provide e-commerce merchants with an in-house gateway linked directly to the schemes. There are no extra charges to merchants for using eCOMM Merchant Solutions'2 payment gateway.

Risk & Fraud Management

Because of the rapidly expand of e-commerce markets there is a major need of adopting continuously new techniques in order to succeed the best protection against fraud and to keep merchants’ and customers’ transactions safe.

E-commerce Merchant’s transactions are protected through undertaken proactive analysis and monitoring.


Online payments are not just about cards. As e-commerce markets expand new types of fraud are always around the corner. New payment methods provide customers with choices and flexibility but also create a challenge to merchants to fight fraud. Hence, the necessity to adopt a more risk based approach to selling online, has become more crucial than ever.

U-Pay Payment Solutions recognizes the importance of assisting you in the battle against fraud. In association with eCOMM Merchant Solutions, we have provided some tips you can adopt to manage risk and chargebacks within your business.

The key components which can help you in the fight against fraud are:


  • Determine which procedures to implement in order to maintain a correct balance between fighting fraud and accepting payment cards from legitimate customers.
  • Your customers' behavior can help in warning you to suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Build a monitoring control system into your business.


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