U-Pay e-Voucher

€10, €20€, €50, €100, €150 and €250

U-Pay E-Voucher is issued by the electronic money institution Prepaid Financial Services Limited, which is licensed and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Conduct Authority) of the United Kingdom.

U-Pay E-Voucher is available for sale at retailers and for use at web stores and licensed online gambling companies.

Paying online with U-Pay e-Voucher is totally secure. Like paying with cash, no personal details, such as bank account or credit card information, are needed.

U-Pay comes in the following denominations: €10, €20€, €50, €100, €150 and €250.

You can purchase a U-Pay E-Voucher from the affiliated U-Pay Points located all over Greece.

U-Pay E-Voucher function is similar to top-up cards for mobile phones, you can perform your online transactions using the unique 16-digit voucher pin code.